Awesome hacking opportunity

15 Sep

From Colin Lorenz:

Reno Collective has partnered with the City of Reno to put on Reno’s first Open Data App hackathon in October. The event is called Hack4Reno and will include a 24 hour hackathon where teams of developers and designers will build applications (web apps, websites, mobile apps, tools, etc) that either uses openly available data or collects it. We are working with companies like Github, Twilio, Foursquare, Twitter and other web applications that provide services for other developers to build their own apps and are looking for teams to build apps that benefit the Reno community.

The applications will be built over 24 hours at the event, which is being held at the Pioneer Center in downtown Reno. We are making this event very transparent and open to the community so that Reno can see what goes into building web apps. Teams will then have time to present their finished applications for judging to win various prizes like Apple products and a Best in Show cash prize.

This event is a barn raising for the Reno tech community. We are not seeking any financial sponsorships as the entire event is being put on in a very open source manner and we instead are asking for support in terms of promotion and/or resources as they are available.

While I keep talking about designers and developers, the kinds of apps that I’m talking about are even things like online news and aggregation websites. Things like or are wonderful examples of story telling and technology/digital media coming together. We have quite a few classes leading up to the hackathon that are free and available for students (or professors) to learn new things about various technologies, open data and open government.

Want to form a team?