Prototyping journalism products

27 Oct

Now that our class has completed the ‘immerse-yourself-in-your-community’ phase, it’s time to move into the “demo, don’t memo” phase.

Oct. 27
Review the key insights you’ve learned about your community
Act out the user experience using your paper prototypes
Revise your ideas; plan for the next phase

Gannett experience with brainstorming and prototyping
Devorah Klein from IDEO on prototyping
Satisfy the Cat

The elements of user experience — visualization of the multiple layers of design

What kind of prototypes?
Two types of prototyping: Conceptual, formative testing
Why Prototype in code?

Nov 2
Second round of prototypes due – Testing Phase
Practice on each other in class
Design for usability testing due by the end of class

Nov 10
Preliminary reports on usability testing due — 50% completion
Make revisions, address implementation issues
Outline final report on your projects

Nov 17
Usability test results due — 100% completion
Identify key lessons learned

Dec. 1
Draft report due
Prepare presentations

Dec. 8
Present results to stakeholders and users


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